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Buggy policy

This policy will be the responsibility of the General Manager to implement, monitor and review.

The main purpose of this policy is to establish a standard for the safe operation of all golf buggies operated on the golf course. This policy will also set down the criteria to be applied and conditions to be met when the club considers applications for their use.

In order that these conditions can in practice be met, the manager or their deputy must be given notice of a requirement by a member or visitor to use a buggy. The manager or their deputy will consider all applications for buggy use on an individual basis but reserve the right to refuse any application if any or all the conditions stipulated are not compiled with.

Quick guide reference index:

  1. Who can use a golf buggy in general play?
  2. Who cannot drive / use a buggy?
  3. Buggy Maintenance
  4. Safe use of driving a golf buggy
  5. Individual seater or privately owned buggies
  6. Buggy usage in competitions
  7. When buggies are withdrawn from general use.
  8. Winter Months.

1. Who can use a Golf Buggy in general play?

  • Use of a buggy will not be allowed unless authorised by a member of the club staff.
  • Members, visitors, or guests can use a buggy.
  • You must be over the age of 18 to drive a buggy but can be under 18 years old to be a passenger in a buggy.
  • A buggy hire form must be completed by all users prior to beginning your round. (Form GBU01).
  • Private users of ride on buggies, please refer to section 5.

2. Who cannot drive / use a Golf Buggy?

  • For driving purposes. People under the age of 18 years old.
  • People under or presumed under the influence of alcohol.
  • People under or presumed under the influence of drugs.

3. Buggy maintenance

The general manager or his deputy will be responsible for ensuring that all club hire buggies are thoroughly maintained, have an annual service, and are fit for hire. Buggy maintenance form (BMCL01) will be used to record the maintenance checks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Annual service will be completed by a service engineer from a reputable buggy company.

The hirer is responsible for checking over the condition of the buggy and reporting any issues to club staff, before signing for the key.
The hirer is also responsible for making sure the buggy is returned in the same condition as it was when hired out. Reporting any issues or incidents that may have occurred during their round.

4. Safe use of driving a Golf Buggy

  • Pedestrians must be always afforded the right of way.
  • No more than 2 x people and 2 x sets of golf clubs allowed on a buggy.
  • Drivers must be fully conversant with the controls of the buggy and follow the instructions that are located inside the buggy.
  • Brakes should be applied gently to avoid skidding.
  • No standing on a buggy at any time, especially while it is in motion.
  • Hands and feet must be always kept inside the buggy.
  • Caution must be exercised when reversing the buggy.
  • Caution must be exercised when a buggy is on or near slopes or inclines.
  • Always apply the parking brake when leaving the buggy.
  • Always drive safely and as fast as the terrain allows.
  • All signs directing traffic movement must be strictly observed.
  • Buggies are not to be driven within 5 metres of any green.
  • Buggies must always avoid trees and bunkers.
  • Any area identified as GUR must be avoided.
  • During wet / winter conditions any club approved buggy route must be adhered to.

5. Individual seater or privately owned buggies

Users wanting to use their own personnel ride on buggies are permitted if the following criteria is met.

  • Approval from one of the management team on the day.
  • Form (POBDF01) (is signed to confirm the user is responsible for all the maintenance checks on the buggy. And the buggy is in a fit enough condition to use.
  • They must have their own personal insurance for the buggy. Proof of this insurance will be required by the centre.
  • The user must follow all the relevant rules of driving a buggy safely as per Section 4 ‘Safe use of driving a golf buggy’.
  • The user must be aware that permission to use their own buggy may bewithdrawn if the facility has implemented a withdrawal of buggy use
    from the course due to H&S as per section 7 ‘When buggies are withdrawn from use’.

6. Buggy usage in Club Competitions

  • Buggy usage is allowed for club competitions. The normal rules apply to hiring out a buggy or using your own buggy
  • If you wish to use a buggy in an England Golf run competition you will need to request this privilege by completing request form (B1). Completing the form does not constitute proof of authorisation to use a buggy in a competition.
  • Please note you cannot obtain permission to use a golf buggy for temporary injuries including broken bones, pulled or damaged muscles or ligaments, or any other injuries unless they have / will last more than 12 months.

7. When buggies are withdrawn from use

  • The General Manager will prohibit the use of buggies when ground conditions are deemed unsafe due to Health and safety. A hole-by-hole Risk assessment of the course will take place, taking all in consideration including the topography, turf, and weather conditions. This RA must be completed daily, and records of these checks must be recorded and kept.

8. Winter Months

In the winter months we will check the course conditions daily using an individual hole by hole RA template (Form BURA01) to determine whether a hole is suitable for buggy use or not, for that day. If holes are deemed unsuitable for buggy use, buggies will not be allowed out onto them until the conditions sufficiently improve. Blanket buggy bans for no reason are not something we adhere to.

We do listen to and take onboard the advice of the head greenkeeper. However, we will do the daily checking and all the decision making. A sign will be displayed at reception in the clubhouse advising people of any buggy restrictions imposed for that day.

This policy has worked well and is generally accepted by the members, it is accepted that when the course conditions are marginal there is likely to be differing views on whether the managers’ decision is right or wrong, However the Manager (or his deputy Duty Manager) decision is final.

The General Manager (or his deputy Duty Manager) make their decision based on three primary factors:

  • Whether or not there is a medium to high risk to the Health and Safety of a player using a buggy. due to current conditions of the course.
  • Whether there is a medium to high risk or likelihood of damage occurring to the course if buggies were being used, due to the current conditions of the course.
  • Whether repair of this damage is likely to incur extra expense or detract from the appearance and playing condition of the course.
  • Inevitably, there will be occasions when buggies are withdrawn from being actively in use. However, the Centre Manager (or deputy, Duty Manager) will always look at all options available to them before making this decision.
  • Where possible, we will make any required adjustments needed to decide whether parts of the course can be made available to use for those players who cannot play golf if motorised buggies are not made available, and to ensure that users with protected characteristics are not unlawfully discriminated against under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Any decision made based on Health & Safety reasons will ultimately overrule all general factors.